2024 Orienteering Results

January 2024

GAOC: Georgia Navigator Cup National Meet + Extreme-O

Red Top Mountain State Park - Acworth, GA
January 12, 2024  (Middle Distance)
January 13-14, 2024  (Classic Distance)
January 15, 2024  (Extreme-O)
GNC: Split Results (Attackpoint)
Extreme-O: Photos (coming soon)

February 2024

VOC Local Meet

Saturday, February 17, 2024
Oak Mountain State Park (Terrace Drive Picnic Area)
Pelham, Alabama
Yellow Orange Green Red TOTAL
Starts: 16 16 13 8 53
Participants: 65 55 21 8 149
Meet Director: Joey Ciza
Map Updates: Joey Ciza (Feb 2024)
Course Design: Joey Ciza
Course Setting/Checking: Joey Ciza, Cindy Louderback, Alina Tuganova

Joey Ciza, Anne Mathews, Suzanne Sumner
Beginner Instruction: James Pilman
Control Pickup & Cleanup: Lyle Singletary, James Pilman, Paul Pilman, Steve Rice, Anne Mathews, Richard Bray, Mark Taylor

Cold all day. Overcast, temperature around 40, and very windy.
Woods: Good visibility. Dry but low areas were very wet. Water flowing in all streams.

March 2024

VOC Local Meet

Saturday, March 16, 2024
Oak Mountain State Park (Tranquility Day Use Area)
Pelham, Alabama
Split Results (coming soon)
split results (pdf, 15k)
Yellow Orange Green Red TOTAL
Starts: 8 7 9 6 30
Participants: 23 14 11 6 54
Meet Director: Doug Wright
Map Updates: Joey Ciza (misc items updated)
Course Design: Doug Wright
Course Setting/Checking: Doug Wright

Joey Ciza, Suzanne Sumner
Beginner Instruction: Joey Ciza, Richard Bray, Alina Tuganova
Control Pickup & Cleanup: Alina Tuganova, Suzanne Sumner, Richard Bray, Doug Wright, Lee Sumner

Cool all day. Overcast and temperature in the 60s all day.
Woods: Good visibility, some vegetation begging to turn green. Damp from rain on Friday.
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