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VOC Meet (15th Annual NJROTC Area 8 Championship)

December 17, 2022
Oak Mountain State Park - Pelham, AL [park info]
  • Rules & Requirements
  • Start any time between 9am-12pm, with a maximum 3 hour time limit. Everyone must be finished by 2pm, when control pickup begins.
  • Meet info page on Attackpoint
  • Register Now (pending)
  • opens on Sunday, December 11th @ 12:00am (CST)
  • closes on Friday, December 16th @ 6:00pm (CST)
  • Turn off of John Findley Drive near mile marker 4 (BMX track is also here).
COURSES: (course design by Joey Ciza)
  • YELLOW (beginner) – 2.6km, 25m climb, 10 controls
  • ORANGE (intermediate) – 2.6km, 90m climb, 10 controls
  • BROWN (advanced) – 3.1km, 100m climb, 10 controls
  • GREEN (advanced) – 4.0km, 125m climb, 14 controls
  • RED (advanced) – 5.1km, 200m climb, 19 controls
  • Map scale 1:10,000 with 5 meter contours


If you would like to volunteer to help out with any of these events, please contact Joey at joeyvulcanorienteeringorg.

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