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VOC Meet (Southeastern Bubba Goat)

November 21, 2020
Oak Mountain State Park - Pelham, AL [park info]
  • Go past the park office and beach parking lot on Terrace Drive to the picnic area next to the new playground, which is just past the boat launch but before the large south trailhead parking lot. Park in the large gravel parking lot.
  • Start any time between 9am-12pm, with a maximum 3 hour time limit. Everyone must be finished by 2pm, when control pickup begins.
COURSES: (course design by Joey Ciza)
  • BABY GOAT: 2.6km, 105m climb, 11 controls
  • OLD GOAT: 4.5km, 250m climb, 13 controls
  • BUBBA GOAT: 8.0km, 500m climb, 16 controls
  • All controls are on hilltops for all courses
    (just find the right hilltop with the right control number)
  • Estimated course climb assumes all controls visited, so skipping a control per rules could decrease the climb.
  • No drinking water will be on the courses, so bring your own.
  • Navigational difficulty:
    BABY GOAT => yellow (beginner)
    OLD GOAT & BUBBA GOAT => orange (intermediate)
There will be some special "Goat" course rules:
(still working on them, but some additional rules may be added)
  • Following others will be allowed
    (normally forbidden in orienteering)
  • Skip one control of your choice with no penalty
    (watch out if you are following someone, they could trick you)
  • If you run in denim overalls, we will take some time off of your finish time. For groups, at least one group member must wear overalls to receive the time credit.
    (BABY => 5 min, OLD => 10 min, BUBBA => 15 min)
  • Competitors are expected to start reasonably close to their selected start time.
  • Standard 3-hour time limit applies
  • Map scale is 1:10,000, with 5 meter contours
  • BUBBA GOAT course: The higher elevations to the south are not very detailed, so many rock features, rootstocks, etc are not shown, but contours should be pretty good.
  • OLD GOAT & BABY GOAT courses: Uses the standard map, so they have pretty good details.

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