Vulcan Orienteering Club COVID-19 Event Management Plan

Event Management Plan to ensure Vulcan Orienteering Club events are held in a safe and responsible manner. This plan incorporates the principles of social distancing as outlined below.
Social Distancing Guidelines
  1. Always keep at least six feet of distance from other people if possible.
  2. Wear a cloth mask that covers your mouth and nose when reporting to the start area to pick up your map.
  3. All registration will be online with cutoff on Friday evening before each event.
  4. All start times are assigned during online registration and will be staggered a minimum of one minute apart to allow for social distancing.
  5. All runners will show at their assigned start times to receive their course map and begin.
  6. If you are not feeling well, you should not attend/participate.
  7. You should not participate if you have come had contact with someone who is sick.
Sanitary Standards
  1. We will offer a hand sanitation station at the start and finish area.
  2. We will frequently clean all surfaces that runners and volunteers have had contact with.
  3. Runners should provide their own drinking water. We will not provide any drinking water on the courses.
Race Start/Finish
  1. All registration will be done online.
  2. All start times are staggered at least one minute apart and are assigned during online registration.
  3. The starter will have a master list of registered participants with start times and courses.
  4. The start area will be "flagged off" with a line up section to pick up maps.
  5. Maintain social distance (stay 6 feet away from others) when approaching the start area.
  6. All instructions will be posted on the Vulcan Orienteering Club web page.
  7. After finishing, please leave the area. Results will be posted online.
Race Procedures
  1. We will use SportIdent timing for all races.
  2. If you need to pass a slower runner, please ask them if they would allow you to pass.
  3. When you approach a checkpoint, please continue a safe distance away so others can pass.
  4. Please be courteous and safe.
  5. Runners should bring their own water if needed.
  6. There will be no drinking water or snacks provided on the courses or at the start/finish.
Vulcan Orienteering Club will do the following:
  1. All volunteers will wear face masks.
  2. We will provide gloves for all volunteers.
  3. We will provide and sanitizer for runners and volunteers.
  4. We will provide sanitizing wipes for volunteers to use.
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