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VOC Meet (10th Annual NJROTC Area 8 Championship)

December 17, 2016
Oak Mountain State Park - Pelham, AL [park info]
START/FINISH: Lakeside Pavilion
  • On Terrace Drive, go past the marina, park office, and beach parking lot, to the south trailhead loop road on which the pavilions are located.
  • Start any time between 9am-12pm, with a maximum 3 hour time limit. Everyone must be finished by 2pm, when control pickup begins.

The December 17th VOC local meet will also be the annual NJROTC Area 8 Orienteering Championship. We will have approximately 160 NJROTC cadets from about 10 schools from AL and FL attending.

Any non-NJROTC participants are encouraged to download the waiver form, fill it out and bring it with you and just go right to the front of the long line of NJROTC cadets. We will try to get you out as quick as possible when you show up.

Whistles will be required on all courses (for safety). VOC will have whistles available for $1.

You can start anytime between 9am and noon, with a 3-hour time limit on all courses (or 2 hours if you start at noon). Everyone must be finished by 2pm. Control pickup will begin promptly at 2pm, even if people are still out on the courses.

Check the weather forecast and come prepared!

  • YELLOW (beginner) - 3.7km, 10 controls, 65m climb
  • ORANGE (intermediate) - 4.5km, 13 controls, 105m climb
  • BROWN (advanced - female) - 4.6km, 12 controls, 130m climb
  • GREEN (advanced - male) - 5.5km, 13 controls, 165m climb
  • RED (long advanced) - 6.5km, 18 controls, 210m climb
  • All pre-printed course maps will be 1:10,000 scale with 5 meter contours, with the exception of the RED course.
  • RED course can choose either 1:15,000 or 1:10,000 scale map.


If you would like to volunteer to help out with any of these events, please contact Joey at vulcanorienteeringearthlinknet.

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